The payroll function is a confusing and time consuming process for most small business owners.  In addition to preparing payroll, small business owners must file payroll tax forms with various Federal and State agencies, make payroll deposits in a timely manner, and provide Form W-2 to all employees at year end.

Small business owners spend several hours each month performing payroll functions. Hours that should be spent managing their business. We offer payroll services that meet your needs and enable you to focus on the things that grow your business and make you profits.

There are several reasons for allowing our Firm to handle your payroll function for you.  It's a time saving way to eliminate hours of headache causing work and allow yourself to focus on growing your business.

We realize that every business has different needs. That's why we have a variety of payroll services for you to choose from. We can prepare and/or process:

  • Payroll checks or direct deposit information.
  • Payroll tax deposits for Federal and State taxing authorities.
  • Federal and State tax forms on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis including W-2 and W-3 forms.
  • Maintain reports on your employee's vacation, sick, and personal days accruals.
  • Filing of the required new hire reporting forms.

If you choose to prepare your payroll yourself, we can input the details of the manually-prepared paychecks into your accounting records in order to accumulate payroll information needed to prepare tax deposits and payroll tax returns.